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Future Warfare Writing Program

Complex [environment] is defined as an environment that is not only unknown, but unknowable and constantly changing. The Army cannot predict who it will fight, where it will fight, and with what coalition it will fight.
TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-1; The U.S. Army Operating Concept: Win in a Complex World 2020-2040, 31 October 2014

Future Warfare Writing Program Archive

Black Hat Kamchatka

Black Hat Kamchatka
By SGT Oren HammerquistRead the Article!

Smoke Cover

By R. Morgan CrihfieldRead the Article!

Cyber Specialists and Future Force Structure: “Jemes” & “Soldier 2040”

“Jemes” & “Soldier 2040”
By Mr. Gary E. PhillipsRead the Article!

Cyber Breaching: Combat Engineer Operations in a Cyber World

Cyber Breaching
By 1st Lt. Jonathan BrattenRead the Article!

Glitch Immersion

Glitch Immersion
Staff Sgt. Brian L. WachtendorfRead the Article!

Smoke Cover

It Ain’t Much to Look At
By Cpt. John AlbertRead the Article!