General David Perkins TRADOC

General David Perkins

Opening Comments on
Multi-Domain Battle (MDB)

By General David Perkins
Commanding General
United States Army Training and Doctrine Command

The strength of the U.S. military — in fact, our asymmetric advantage — is our people.  The creative and innovative solutions that result from true diversity of thought are the hallmarks of a learning organization.  This creativity and innovation, when nurtured by an organizational culture that encourages prudent risk taking, is both a force multiplier on the battlefield and the only effective response to the inevitable "fog" of war.

It is critically important to think, discuss, and debate "how we fight" across all levels and domains.  As August Cole, of Ghost Fleet fame, put it at our most recent Mad Scientist event, enriched conversation requires bringing together a group of people who do not naturally belong together. Diverse dialogue in capturing a wide variety of perspectives and expertise is critical to understanding the evolving nature of the future operational environment.

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Lt. Col. Erica L. Cameron

Lt. Col. Erica L. Cameron

About the New Extended Battlefield Website

By Lt. Col. Erica L. Cameron
Director and Editor-in-Chief
Army University Press

The U.S. Army is a learning organization and is constantly adapting to the technological, military, and strategic conditions of our times. Occasionally, conditions shift to the extent that the character of war changes and we must invest significant intellectual energy to reimagine how we fight. This is such a time.

As AirLand Battle shaped the force of the 1980s and beyond, the critical analysis and creative thinking we apply today towards developing a new operational approach will drive our Army’s organization, doctrine, training, equipment, and posture for decades to come. It is encumbant upon us, the practioners of the profession of arms, to apply our knowledge and experience to this challenging task.

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The United States Armed Forces are at a crossroads, facing both institutional and operational challenges. The character of war continues to change at a quick pace, requiring military leaders to reassess some of their core beliefs. This situation has led to the testing and refinement of concepts, capabilities, and people to ensure U.S. forces are ready for the conflicts of today and tomorrow. Without doubt, any future conflict will be increasingly complex and distributed, involving actions across multiple domains—land, air, sea, space, and cyber—by multiple military services, at times simultaneously.

Published: March 14, 2017

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