Large-Scale Combat Operations Book Set

Call for Papers

In October 2018, Army University Press will publish a six-book box set of historical case studies addressing six different perspectives regarding large scale combat operations (LSCO) from 1914 to the present focused on division and above operations. Each book will use historical case studies to expand the Army’s understanding of future large scale combat operations.

The intent is to present this historical case study book set at the upcoming Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting and Exposition, in October 2018, in Washington, D.C.

We anticipate full chapters to range from 15 to 20 pages (approx. 3,500 – 7,000 words), including endnotes and images. Submissions should follow conventions of American English and Chicago Style Guidelines.

Chapter proposals/abstract due by 23 February 2018.

Completed chapters will be due by 15 May 2018.

Chapters will address historical cases focused on one of the following six subjects in the larger context of Large Scale Combat Operations at Division Level and Above:

  • Mobility/Countermobility Operations
  • Maneuver Operations in Depth
  • Information Operations
  • Sustainment Operations
  • Combined Arms Maneuver
  • Cross-Domain Fires and Effects

Potential topics include:

  • First Battle of the Marne – 1914 (Combined Arms Maneuver)
  • Cambrai – 1917 (The Royal Artillery and Successful Armored Assault)
  • Meuse-Argonne Offensive – 1918 (Divisional and Countermobility Operations)
  • Cantigny - 1918 (Logistical Support or Infantry Operations)
  • St. Mihiel – 1918 (Divisional Infantry Operations)
  • Operation Torch – 1942 (Logistical or Divisional Armor Operations)
  • Battle of Anzio – 1944 (Divisional Armor or Logistical Support)
  • Battle of Normandy (Operation Overlord) - 1944 (Division Combined Arms)
  • Siegfried Line Campaign (Divisional Armor Operations)
  • Operation Market Garden – 1944 (Deep Maneuver Operations)
  • Battle of the Bulge – 1945 (Corps and Divisional Artillery or Divisional Logistics)
  • Burma Campaign – 1945 (Logistical and Combined Arms Operations)
  • Battle of Chosin Reservoir – 1950 (Logistical Operations or Combined Arms Operations)
  • Battle of An Loc – 1972 (Divisional Artillery Operations)
  • Operation Just Cause – 1989 (Sustainment and Information Operations)
  • Desert Storm – 1991 (MLRS and Impacts on Operations, Combined Arms Maneuver, or Maneuver Operations in Depth)
  • Operation Enduring Freedom (invasion) – 2002 (Combined Arms and Sustainment Operations)
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom I (invasion) – 2003 (Deep Maneuver, Multi-Divisional Operations, Corps-Level Sustainment Operations)

To propose a topic or request more information, please contact Army University Press.

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