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Primer on Sociopolitical and Military Developments in Syria

This compilation of works consists mainly of articles from Military Review, publications authored by the Combat Studies Institute, monographs from students at the Command and General Staff College, and selected works from other sources for which we have permission to reproduce.

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Military Review Articles - Syria | “Continue the Conversation”

    Stability Operations in Syria; The Need for a Revolution in Civil-Military Affairs

    Stability Operations in Syria

    The Need for a Revolution in Civil-Military Affairs

    By Anthony H. Cordesman

    Using the situation in Syria as an example, the author explains how the United States needs a revolution in civil-military affairs to be successful in fighting failed-state wars that involve major counterinsurgency campaigns and reliance on host-country forces.

    Published in the May-June Edition of Military Review 2017, p 44.

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    Putin’s Real Syria Agenda

    Putin’s Real Syria Agenda

    By Genevieve Casagrande and Kathleen Weinberger

    The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) produced this report with the Critical Threats Project (CTP). The insights are part of an intensive multi-month exercise to frame, design, and evaluate potential courses of action that the United States could pursue to destroy the Islamic State in Iraq and al Sham (ISIS) and al Qaeda in Syria. The ISW-CTP team recently released “America’s Way Ahead in Syria,” which details the flaws in the current U.S. approach in Iraq and Syria and proposes the first phase of a strategic reset in the Middle East

    Published by the Institute for the Study of War, March 2017.

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    Stability Operations in Syria; The Need for a Revolution in Civil-Military Affairs

    The Syrian Crisis from a Neighbor’s Perspective

    View from Turkey

    By Karen Kaya

    A Middle East and Turkey analyst for the Foreign Military Studies Office provides insight into the impact of the Syrian crisis on Turkey, the Middle East, and the international community.

    Published in the March-April Edition of Military Review 2014, p 43.

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    Jordanian Society’s Responses to Syrian Refugees

    Jordanian Society’s Responses to Syrian Refugees

    By Capt. Walter C. Haynes, U.S. Army

    The influx of refugees caused by the Syrian Civil War could destabilize Jordan, an important U.S. ally in the Middle East, through a deterioration of that country’s national identity. The author provides context for the current crisis by examining a similar refugee flow of Palestinians during the 1940s and 1950s and discusses several possible outcomes.

    Published in the January/February 2016 Edition of Military Review, p 45.

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