Large-Scale Combat Operations


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This October, the Army University Press will publish a seven-book set on large-scale combat operations (LSCO). Each book will focus on a specific aspect of LSCO; subjects will include:

  • Mobility operations
  • Deep maneuver
  • Information operations
  • Sustainment operations
  • Combined arms maneuver
  • Effects of fires
  • Military deception

The September-October issue of Military Review will provide a summary of each of the books in the set, along with a series of articles focused on LSCO authored by senior Army leadership, doctrine writers, and other subject-matter experts.

With the publication of Field Manual 3-0, Operations, and the emphasis on LSCO by the Army’s senior leadership, the next issue of Military Review should be of interest to all Army professionals.

The Army University Press is proud to present the complete seven-volume Large-Scale Combat Operations Historical Case Study book set. The downloadable version of the book set is now available at


July-August 2018