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Suggested Writing Themes and Topics—2024


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  • From a U.S. military perspective, what are the greatest near-term external threats to the United States? Why, and how?
  • What are the greatest long-term threats (looking out twenty-five years)?
  • Many observers assert that Russia, China, and Iran already see themselves at war with the United States. Is there evidence that these and other actors are conducting actual “war” against the United States, and what are the probabilities of their success?
  • What confederated blocs of nation-states are now aligned against the United States, and how do they cooperate with each other? What types of treaties or agreements do they have that outline relationships they share to reinforce each other?
  • Which U.S. adversaries best synchronize their DIME (diplomacy, information, military, and economic) elements of power to achieve their strategic goals? Contrast and compare employment of DIME by China, Russia, Iran, and the United States. How should the United States defend itself against foreign DIME?
  • Do China, Russia, and Iran have “Achilles’ heels”? What is their center of gravity? If they have one, how can it best be attacked/exploited?
  • What do China, Russia, and Iran view as the United States’ “Achilles’ heel” or center of gravity? How specifically are they attacking it?
  • What is the role now of the U.S. Armed Forces in Africa? Far East? Middle East?
  • What does the future hold for nanoweapons? Electromagnetic warfare? Artificial intelligence? Information warfare? How is the Army planning to mitigate effects?
  • What is diversity? How does one reconcile the concept of diversity with the concept of unity?


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July-August 2024