DePuy Contest and Winners

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2017 General William E. DePuy

Special Topics Writing Competition

The 2017 theme was “What needs to be fixed in the Army?”

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1st Place

Lt. Col. Thomas Holland

“How the Army Ought to Write Requirements” (In this edition)




2nd Place

1st Lt. James Tollefson

““Fixing Army Doctrine: A Network Approach"




3rd Place

Capt. Molly Kovite

“Mission before Comfort: A Mission-Focused Approach to Gender in the Army”




Honorable Mentions

Lt. Col. Trent Lythgoe

“An Army Overseas: Expeditionary Maneuver through the Maritime Domain”

Cadet Noelle Walker

“Growing a Garden in a Wasteland: A Case for Preventative, Cognitive Therapy for Soldiers Suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury”







2018 General William E. DePuy

Special Topics Writing Competition

This year’s theme: “World Hot Spots: Which of the world’s hot spots is the Army least prepared for? Should resources be diverted to prepare for them? What is the most efficient way to become ready for conflict in this region?”

Articles will be comparatively judged by a panel of senior Army leaders on how well they have clearly identified issues requiring solutions relevant to the Army in general, or to a significant portion of the Army; how effectively detailed and feasible the solutions to the identified problem are; and the level of writing excellence achieved. Writing must be logically developed and well organized, demonstrate professional-level grammar and usage, provide original insights, and be thoroughly researched as manifest in pertinent sources.

Contest opens 1 January 2018 closes 16 July 2018

1st Place $1,000 and publication in Military Review
2nd Place $750 and publication in Military Review
3rd Place $500 and publication in Military Review

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November-December 2017