Talk versus Do


Operational theories of design
translated into practical applications,
or not.
The journey versus the destination.
Which is more important you ask?
Well, how much time do you have?
Balancing the task,
talk versus do.
and do versus talk.
Please, don’t concern yourself with time,
until you see you have no time.
Of course, by then it may prove too late.
So discourse and inquire
as if you have nothing to lose.
Deliberate and dialogue
to your very heart’s desire.
Peer through that Clausewitzian fog
and examine that infinite potential.
See? There’s really not that much to lose.
Explore fully that which may be inconsequential.
and ignore the tendency to do.
See? There’s not so much to lose.
maybe, just maybe
that small difference
that small sum,
inconsequential really,
which may be measured
twixt failure and victory
and quite often occurs
when the talk overtakes the do.

—Major Edward L. Bryan
March 2008


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