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SMA Chandler: Loss of NCO Net Will Lead To New Dialogue Opportunities

By Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III

14th Sergeant Major of the Army

August 08, 2013

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In an effort to best steward our limited resources, effective 30 September 2013, the Army will not renew the contract for many of our forums, which have been facilitated and supported by the Center for Army Lessons Learned. When possible, responsibility for some of these forums will be assumed by various agencies throughout the Army. Our NCO Net at will not be one of those supported.

We have pursued other online courses of action that will better serve NCOs in our force, but some are not immediately available. Our immediate response will be to expand our direct linkage of Senior NCOs within the Army Training Network at If you open the NCO Corner page here, you will find on the left side that many of the CSMs from Centers of Excellence have established their own discussion forums or provided a direct email link to encourage that same type of dialogue we see on NCO Net. In the near future, we will expand that feature to include individual proponent CSMs and other Senior NCOs in agencies across our Army. The Army Career Tracker website at will also soon have a forum feature, which will operate much like Facebook and other social media applications.

We will keep you posted on this transition and other online opportunities to continue meaningful dialogue between Senior NCOs. However, I also expect that each of you will create and support face-to-face resources that support NCOs in your command. Whether you are Active, Guard or Reserve, you have the ability and responsibility to foster NCO support channels that have made our Army the envy of others around the world. Your efforts will also rekindle the engaged leadership that seems to be lacking in many of our formations. These opportunities include establishment of Sergeant Audie Murphy Clubs, robust NCO Development Programs, informal NCO support networks, and mentorship of other junior NCOs.

Remember, NCOs are the Backbone of the Army!


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