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172nd Infantry Brigade Cases Colors in Germany

From the Army News Service

May 31, 2013

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The 172nd Infantry Brigade cased its colors in Grafenwoehr, Germany, marking the unit’s inactivation.

The 172nd Infantry Brigade shoulder sleeve insignia.

While the 172nd’s official history dates back to World War  I, its modern history in Germany began in March 2008, in Schweinfurt, when 2nd  “Dagger” Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, reflagged to become the 172nd “Blackhawk”  Infantry Brigade.  The brigade  headquarters and most of the brigade later moved to Grafenwoehr.

The brigade deployed twice, once to Iraq and once to Afghanistan.  Nineteen of the brigade’s Soldiers died during those deployments.

“The sacrifices of the 19 Blackhawks who gave their lives in  Iraq and Afghanistan signify the most recent chapter in a legacy of service the  172nd has given to our Nation,” said Lt. Gen. Donald M. Campbell,  Jr., USAREUR’s commanding general, in his remarks during the ceremony.

After praising the unit’s performance in combat and acknowledging the challenges of the brigade’s final mission, the preparations for its inactivation, Campbell ended with words of encouragement and pride.

“The young privates, sergeants, and lieutenants who proudly  wear the Blackhawk combat patch today will likely be asked in 10 years, ‘What  unit is that?’

“They will know and carry your legacy into the future.  They will understand how you helped shape USAREUR into a more agile force in support of the Army’s ongoing  transformation and carry this accomplishment with pride,” Campbell said.

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