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Army Human Resources Command: Evaluations Processing On Hold


Message from Army Human Resources Command:

October 2, 2013

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Army Evaluations on Hold.

1 October 2013: Currently, the government shutdown is in effect. Evaluations processing will not occur during this time frame. We will process reports in order of receipt upon return. For selection boards with established cutoff dates, for example: 4 October: AC MAJ CHAPLAIN; 11 October: AC MAJ ARMY; ILE (MFE, FS, OS); RC SFC; MSG AGR & AC; AC LTC/GS14 COMMAND; 18 October: RC CPT APL We expect the cutoff dates may be amended and the boards may be rescheduled. We highly recommend that you continue to submit evaluations in accordance with the MILPER messages to prevent any unforeseen problems. For questions concerning evaluation policy, contact HRC Evaluations Policy at  502-613-9019 or email Evaluation Systems & Policy (HRC TAGD Eval Policy) at