The Last 100 yards: The Crucible of Close Combat in Large-Scale Combat Operations

Call for Papers

In the Spring of 2019, Army University Press will publish historical case studies regarding the “The Last 100 Yards: The Crucible of Close Combat in Support of Large-Scale Combat Operations.” Chapters will address close combat operations within the last 100-yards, since 1914, against enemy forces in support of and shaping for division and above combat operations. In addition to offering a general narrative, each chapter will discuss the objectives of the close combat actions and the combined company to platoon level techniques employed to achieve those goals and the degree of success achieved.

We anticipate full chapters to range from 15 to 20 pages (approx. 3,500 – 7,000 words), including endnotes and images. Submissions should follow conventions of American English and Chicago Style Guidelines.

Chapter proposals/abstracts due: 27 JUL 2018

Completed Chapters will be due by: 15 OCT 2018

Potential Topics Include:

  • Meuse-Argonne, 1918: Company-level close combat beginnings of Fire and Maneuver in the trenches of No-Man’s land
  • Kasserine Pass, 1943: Company close combat in the Kasserine Pass from El Guettar and Wadi Akarit
  • The Normandy Bocage, 1944: Surprise of the close platoon fight in the Hedgerows of France
  • Aachen, 1944: A Combined Arms Close Urban fight fought in the streets and city blocks
  • The Heurtgen Forest, 1944: company level close combat in the Heurtgen Forest when both sides lose
  • The Bulge, 1944-45: Allied Platoon and Company close combat that caused victory for the Divisions
  • Battle of Monte Altuzzo, North Apennines, 1944: Cover and maneuver for a Company level breach and a German surrender
  • Battle of San Fratello, Sicily, 1943: Company amphibious landing under close combat
  • The Battle of the Rapido River, Arno, 1944: Endure poor weather and terrain in company and platoons level close combat
  • Task Force Smith through the Inchon Invasion, 1950: Strategic Surprise defeated by close combat Operational Surprise
  • United Nations Forces in Korea, 1950-1953: Close combat from the Imjin River to Porkchop Hill
  • Battle of Van Tuong - Operation Starlite 1965: First major close combat offensive in Vietnam

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