July 2024 Articles

Techcraft on Display in Ukraine

By Brian A. Hester, Dennis Doyle, and Ronan A. Sefton

This article observes Ukraine’s ability to rapidly adopt and implement new technologies on the battlefield while providing practical guidance for subordinate leaders to replicate these adaptations at scale with successful anecdotes from the field and emphasizes the importance of sharing these lessons by writing articles. Focus area: Continuous Transformation.

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Notable Quote

“Tactics are a science, but applying tactics in combat is an art. A military force wins by seeing how general principles apply to a specific situation and being creative with combat solutions.”

Enabling Maneuver in Large Scale Combat Operations

By Sgt. Maj. Shane Short

This article discusses a potential gap in Signal Operations and offers actionable ways signal leaders can train their units to fill this gap, focusing on the self-development domain. Focus areas: Strengthening the Profession-Warfighting.

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Notable Quote

“Subordinate units can only fight the plan and seize the initiative for so long before they need further command and control guidance. It is simply the history of warfare. But, as wars in the 21st century progress, the army with the best communicators, that understand adversary sensors and doctrine, will be the army with an asymmetric advantage.”

Continuous Transformation of the Army Installation

By Col. Matthew R. Myer, U.S. Army

This article advocates that more emphasis on the Army’s installations will reinforce each of the ASL’s four focus areas and provides a brief overview of each. Focus area: Continuous Transformation.

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Notable Quote

“To support the warfighting mission, an installation garrison must integrate personnel and services to support unit campaign plans and operational planning.”

How to Think About Integrating Generative AI in Professional Military Education

By Maj. Patrick Kelly, U.S. Army, and Maj. Hannah Smith, U.S. Army

This article provides an overview of the opposing views regarding AI integration into Army classrooms then gives recommendations on AI use to the institutions and educators. Focus area: Continuous Transformation-Strengthening the Profession.

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Notable Quote

“Failure to leverage AI tools in any capacity will mean forfeiting competitive advantages for our students, institution, and national defense. Crude, complete bans of AI tools will undermine our mission in the name of preserving it.”