About the Army University Press

The Army University Press – the US Army’s premier multimedia organization – focuses on advancing the ideas and insights military professionals need to lead and succeed.

The Army University Press is the Army’s entry point for cutting edge thought and discussion on topics important to the Army and national defense.

Through its suite of publication platforms and educational services, the Army University Press makes timely and relevant information available to leaders in the military, government, and academia.

Component Organizations

Military Review

The Military Review provides an established and well regarded Army forum to stimulate original thought and debate on topics related to the art and science of land warfare.

As such, it promotes communities of interest on a wide variety of issues of vital importance to the Army by providing a venue for publishing topical articles with new insights and fresh perspectives informed by original research, critical thinking, original thought, and persuasive analysis.

The Hispano-American and Brazilian editions of the review provide key insights to military professionals in partner nations in Central and South America and often feature article contributions from prominent authors from Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries.

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Staff Ride Team

The Staff Ride Team develops and conducts live and virtual staff rides as an education and development platform for the Army's leaders at all levels.

Focusing on the timeless and universal aspects of warfighting, staff rides provide important insights into military operations, leadership, and the human dimension of warfare through focused study, methodical field study, and detailed analysis of insights gained.

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Research and Books Team

The Army University Press books are traditional and interactive works relevant to the current interests and concerns of the US Army.

The wide range of original interpretive topics include military history, recent operations, leadership, doctrine, organization, tactics, logistics, and Staff Ride handbooks.

NCO Journal Team

The NCO Journal is the official journal for noncommissioned officer professional development. It provides a forum for the open exchange of ideas and information relevant to the NCO Corps.

Its purpose is to support training, education and development of the NCO Corps and to foster a closer bond among its members.

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CAC Command Historian Office

The CAC Command History Office researches, chronicles, analyzes, and publishes the activities and accomplishments of the Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth.

The office provides the Commanding General and staff with accurate historical research and analysis, maintains the command archive, prepares the annual command history, and conducts the command Oral History program.

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Frontier Army Museum

The Frontier Army Museum collects and preserves artifacts to remember and interpret the story of the US Army on the frontier from 1804 to 1916 and the history of Fort Leavenworth from 1827 to the present.

The museum holds almost 6,500 objects in the public trust which are used to support exhibits and serve as a medium for conducting professional military education at multiple levels.

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Military History Instruction Support Team

The Military History Instructional Support Team improves how military history is practiced throughout the Army.

The team conducts military history instructor courses to certify individual instructors and administer the Army's Field Historian (5X ASI) program.

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