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Military Review English Team

Military Review provides a forum for original thought and debate on a wide variety of topics related to land warfare and the military profession.

Military Review English Team Email

Position Telephone #
Managing Editor 913-684-9339
Senior Editor 913-684-9329
Book Reviews 913-684-2133
Administrative Assistant 913-684-9327
Staff Ride Team

The Staff Ride Team develops and conducts live and virtual staff rides as an education and development platform for the Army's leaders at all levels.

Staff Ride Team Email

Position Telephone #
Team Chief 913-684-2131
Historian 913-684-2082
Historian 913-684-2080
Military Review LATAM Team

The Hispano-American and Brazilian editions provide key insights to military professionals in partner nations in Central and South America.

Military Review LATAM Team Email

Position Telephone #
LATAM Managing Editor 913-684-9338
Translation Assistant 913-684-9341
Research and Books Team

The Research and Books Team researches, writes, and publishes relevant manuscripts for use by US Army leaders and policy makers.

Research and Books Team Email

Position Telephone #
Senior Historian 913-684-2138
NCO Journal Team

The NCO Journal is the official journal of the US Army NCO Corps. Using a variety of media, the journal promotes the training, education, and development of non-commissioned officers.

NCO Journal Email

Position Telephone #
Managing Editor (913) 684-2594
Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (913) 684-2128
Military History Instructional Team

Military History Instructional Support Team assesses and develops military history instruction throughout the Army.

Military History Instructional Team Email

Position Telephone #
Historian 913-684-2124
Frontier Army Museum

The Frontier Army Museum collects and preserves artifacts that tell the story of the Frontier Army from 1804 to 1916 and Fort Leavenworth from 1827 to the present.

Fronter Army Museum Email

Position Telephone #
Curator 913-684-3189
Museum Specialist 913-684-3190
CAC Command Historian Office

The CAC Command History Office researches, chronicles, analyzes, and publishes the activities and accomplishments of the Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth.

CAC Command Historian Office Email

Position Telephone #
CAC Command Historian 913-684-2125
Assistant CAC Command Historian 913-684-2132
Command Group

The Army University Press – the US Army’s premier multimedia organization – focuses on advancing the ideas and insights military professionals need to lead and succeed.

Army University Press Email

Position Telephone #
Director 913-684-9331
Deputy Director 913-684-2088
Executive Officer 913-684-9347
Administrative Officer 913-684-2127
Design and Web Team

The visual design and web team supports the Army University Press in the creation of its products in print and online.

Position Telephone #
Design Team Chief 913-684-9348
Visual Information Specialist 913-684-2086

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