April 2024 Articles

Positioning, Training, and Integration: A Vision of Transformation in contact for the US Army in the Pacific

By Ben Blane

This article discusses the importance of rehearsing the transformation process by equipping forward units in the pacific. Focus area: Transformation.

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Notable Quote

“The history of failure in war can almost always be summed up in two words: ‘Too late.’ Too late in comprehending the deadly purpose of a potential enemy; too late in realizing the mortal danger; too late in preparedness; too late in uniting all possible forces for resistance.”

Lessons Learned by the 75th Ranger Regiment during Twenty Years of Tactical Combat Casualty Care

By Col. Ryan M. Knight, U.S. Army
Col. Russ S. Kotwal, U.S. Army, Retired
Lt. Col. Charles H. Moore, U.S. Army*

This article covers the 75th Ranger Regiment’s best medical practices and training management. Focus area: Warfighting-Strengthening the Profession.

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Notable Quote

“Throughout twenty years of combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. military and the 75th Ranger Regiment achieved low cumulative case fatality rates. Additionally, the regiment maintained zero prehospital preventable deaths.”

The Army and the Fortress Fleet: Reimagining Landpower in Maritime Warfare

By Nathan Jennings

This article discusses a fortress fleet concept as a strategic tool for deterring adversaries and limiting their territorial encroachment. Focus area: Continuous Transformation-Warfighting.

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Notable Quote

“The famed British admiral Horatio Nelson once reportedly quipped, “a ship’s a fool to fight a fort”—a reference to the conditional advantages that nineteenth-century coastal batteries held over their warship counterparts due to superior elevation, larger gun calibers, deeper magazine depth, and capacity to repair battle damage.”

Be All We Can Be: Reclaiming the Army Identity

By Leah Foodman


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Notable Quote

“While social media is an effective tool to reach a large audience, Army media managers should safeguard our identity as a professional, standards-driven organization to attract high quality, intrinsically motivated candidates.”


Tools for Strengthening the Profession

Aligning Incentives: Professional Writing in the Army’s Operational Domain

By Lt. Col. Jay Ireland, U.S. Army
Maj. Ryan Van Wie, U.S. Army

This article offers leaders a practical guide for establishing a unit writing program and normalizing professional writing within their formation.

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Notable Quote

“The CSA and the Harding Project both note that U.S. Army professional journals need to be revitalized to strengthen written discourse and produce new ideas for emerging operational concepts and technology. Writing education in the U.S. Army cannot only exist in the institutional domain and professional military education.”