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Desert Storm: The Vanguard

Published on: August 2, 2021


For almost four hundred years, the possibility of tactical decisiveness hinged upon the commander's use of their most mobile arm, the cavalry. Whether screening the flanks or operating forward of the main body, the vanguard has always set the tone. Operation Desert Storm was no different. “Desert Storm: The Vanguard” tells the story of the First squadron, Fourth Cavalry, the division cavalry squadron of the 1st Infantry Division. Operating as a true combined-arms team, 1-4 CAV was able to defeat the enemy time and again, using synchronized fires and maneuver. This is their story.

Mission Statements


The Army University Press Films Team creates documentary films designed to teach current U.S. Army doctrine using historical case studies. By integrating archival film and historical photographs into the film, along with virtual terrain, visual graphics, and animated maps the films are both educational and entertaining. The AUP documentaries make doctrine more accessible, understandable, and enjoyable for professional development at all levels. AUP Films works in conjunction with the Combined Arms Center, Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate, Army University, Army Centers of Excellence, and other Professional Military Education programs to select relevant doctrine and historical topics as the basis for its documentary films.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. Due to COVID-19 archival research is limited, which caused the Films Team to coordinate with those whom already had the textual and visual materials necessary for the production of our films.

2. The members of the Films Team work with the Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate, appropriate Army Centers of Excellence, and Army University in order to determine what doctrine will be highlighted in a film.  A historical battle, operation, or campaign is then selected as the lens through which the doctrine is viewed.  Our goal is to make films that are both educational and entertaining.   

3. The stills and motion pictures used in our films come from archives, libraries, museums, collections, and personal donations.  AUP Films acquires these resources through archival research trips and from digital collections.  We often collaborate with the National Archives, Presidential Libraries, the US Army Heritage and Education Center at Carlisle Barracks, and the Combined Arms Research Library at Ft. Leavenworth. Additionally, we use personal images and film when granted permission by the owner.

4. We are currently researching topics ranging from the American War for Independence to the Global War on Terror.  We are working on films discussing the battle for Okinawa, operations in the Burma during World War II, the lead-up to Operation Torch, and a series of films highlighting battles memorialized by the streamers attached to the U.S. Army Flag. The first film of this series will be on the battles at Saratoga during the Revolutionary War.