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France ’44: The Encirclement at Nancy

Published on: February 19, 2020


Army University Press presents “France 44: The Encirclement at Nancy.” This World War II documentary film focuses on XII Corps’ crossing of the Moselle River as part of the Lorraine Campaign in September 1944. It includes lessons from current U.S. Army doctrine, specifically encirclement operations and tactics as well as passage of lines.

At daylight on 13 September, Combat Command A of the 4th Armored Division passed through the 80th Infantry Division’s bridgehead near Dieulouard initiating the encirclement at Nancy. The film begins with a discussion of the disposition of American and German forces in the Lorraine region of France in early September 1944.

It also offers an in-depth analysis of the region’s terrain and topography and how it limited the avenues of approach utilized by XII Corps during the campaign. The film then covers CCA’s and CCB’s actions on 13 and 14 September, the fight for Luneville, and the German Fifth Panzer Army’s counterattack near Arracourt.

At 48 minutes in length, this film is full of historical footage and photographs, virtual terrain, animated maps, and digitally-created doctrine graphics.

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