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Korea: Chipyong-ni

Published on: April 21, 2020


Having only just escaped being overrun by Chinese Communist Forces at the Battle of the Twin Tunnels, Col. Paul L. Freeman, Jr. led the 23 Regimental Combat Team to the village of Chipyong-ni on 3 February 1951. For close to two weeks, Col. Freeman and his force of just over 5,000 soldiers prepared a defense of the village. As they did so, the CCF completely surrounded their position, attacking during the night of 13 February. For two days and two nights, the 23rd RCT held against an estimated force of 30,000 CCF soldiers. To this day, the 23rd RCT’s successful defense of this little village in South Korea is still a model for study at the U.S. Army’s advanced military training centers.

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