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OIF: The Drive to Baghdad

Published on: October 8, 2019


Army University Press presents part one of the OIF series, “OIF: The Drive to Baghdad.” This documentary addresses the opening stages of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM in March and April 2003, and includes lessons from current U.S. Army doctrine.

On 19 March 2003, President George W. Bush announced the beginning of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, authorizing the use of armed force to overthrow Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein. U.S. Central Command had been working non-stop since 9/11 on a plan to eliminate Saddam Hussein’s regime. The film begins in Summer 2002 with U.S. Central Command’s plans for the possible invasion of Iraq and the creation of the Coalition Forces Land Component Command as the main ground command for the planned invasion. The film then covers the crossing of the berm, the seizure of Tallil Air Base, the battle for As Samawah, the fight for An Najaf, and the movement through the Karbala Gap. The film ends on 2 April with V Corps and I Marine Expeditionary Force preparing to move to the next objective on the way to Baghdad. The Soldiers of V Corps had advanced over 300 kilometers into Iraq in 11 days, fought both regular and irregular Iraqi forces, withstood sandstorms, and lost comrades.

At 50 minutes in length, this film is full of historical footage and photographs, virtual terrain, animated maps, and one-on-one interviews with Veterans of the conflict.

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