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The Big Picture: Invasion of Southern France


111.TV.220 -- In this episode of The Big Picture, audiences learn about the U.S. 7th Army’s August 1944 invasion of Southern France, a feat which “broke the back” of the Axis Powers. The episode opens by providing context on Operation Dragoon. It then depicts the formation of a marshaling area at the Bay of Naples, from which men and materiel traveled toward Southern France. A brief summary of the preliminary landings at Levant and Port Cros follows, as well as footage of Allied air support and the descent of the 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion into the French countryside. Next, the episode features large-scale amphibious landings along the coast, and the Allies subsequent push inland. Scenes include the capture of German prisoners, the roundup of suspected Axis spies, and the capture of important locales such as Marseilles and Montelimar. Civilians and soldiers alike are shown celebrating the Allied victory. The program concludes with an interview of war correspondents Doug Larson and Sgt. Francis Porter discussing the positive impact of press coverage on combat units in the Korean Conflict.