A Father’s Packing List


If I could put you in my rucksack, and take you along with me,
Then we would have adventures daily, once we made it ‘cross the sea.
See, we would walk the sandy desert, ‘til we found a shady tree,
And we would watch the camels go by, as you’d sit upon my knee.
Next we would meet my Army buddies, and we’d jump in the Humvee,
And they would teach you about virtue, humble pride, and loyalty.
You know we’d stop and help some people, we would do it happily,
Because this world needs men and women who will love heroic’ly.
Then we would find a vacant desktop, sit and write to your Mommy,
And we’d draw hearts and tell her stories, ‘bout my rucksack, you, and me.

—Maj. Tom Anderson
October 2015


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