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Lt. Gen. Walter Piatt

Page 1



Editors, Military Review

Page 2


Part 1: Legacy—Historical Examples of War Poetry


U.S. special operations service members

Fragment 10, 7th Century BCE

Tyrtaeus, Spartan poet

Page 7


[A soldier’s poem]

H. L. Gordon, 1st Regt Minn. Vols.

Page 8


Dulce et Decorum Est

Wilfred Owen

Page 10


Through a Glass, Darkly

Maj. George S. Patton Jr.

Page 11


Aristocrats: “I Think I Am Becoming a God”

Keith Douglas

Page 13


A Last Moment Caught

Tom Sheehan

Page 14


Korean War Poem

Lt. Cmdr. (Ret.) Roberto J. Prinselaar

Page 15


A Man Less Than His Best

Charles A. Peters

Page 16



Kevin Rowley and Tisdale Sask

Page 19


9/11 Attack on the Pentagon

Charles E. Cooke

Page 20


Part 2: Original Submissions to Military Review during the Global War on Terrorism, 2001–2021


Master Sgt. James Haskell overlooks Ground Zero on 11 September 2001

Anecdote of Antiquity

Maj. Jeffrey Alfier

Page 22


Notification: To a KIA, Baghdad Iraq, October 2005

Lt. Col William Adler

Page 23


Afghan People

Maj. Walter Piatt

Page 24


Afghan Soldiers

Maj. Walter Piatt

Page 24


An-Safwan, OIF 1, 2003

Maj. Theodore E. Lockwood II

Page 25


Forgotten Stones: A Prayer

Lt. Alexander Thymmons

Page 26



Lt. Col. Walt Piatt

Page 27


The Loss of Private Waller

Maj. Jerry Drew

Page 28


Quiet Nights in Al-Asad

Sgt. Katharine S. Dahlstrand

Page 29


4 Months In

Sgt. Katharine S. Dahlstrand

Page 30



Lt. Col. Sean Michael Salene

Page 31


Darkness from Tarin Kowt

Maj. Adam Carson

Page 32


Going Home

Maj. Zoltan Krompecher

Page 33


Our New Camouflage

Maj. Jeffrey Alfier

Page 35


Early Risers

Maj. Jeffrey Alfier

Page 36


Dogs and Soldiers

Master Sgt. (Ret.) Chuck Doig

Page 37


Unlike Antoine Lavoisier

Capt. Benjamin Buchholz, U.S. Army

Page 38


Baghdad April

Dr. Steven Metz, U.S. Army War College

Page 39


At the clinic of Ibrahim Higer

Capt. Benjamin Buchholz, U.S. Army

Page 40



Maj. Todd Schmidt

Page 41


U.S. soldiers reading the New York Post

Meat Maker

Maj. Stephen Douglas Pomper

Page 43



Lt. Col. Prisco Hernandez

Page 44


A Question of Trees

Maj. Mike Matthews

Page 45


Talk versus Do

Major Edward L. Bryan

Page 46


Us versus Them?

Maj. Edward L. Bryan

Page 47



Maj. Edward L. Bryan

Page 48


The Return

Maj. Theodore E. Lockwood II

Page 49


Twilight in Ar-Ramadi

Maj. Joseph A. Jackson

Page 50


Answering the Village Elder in Qandahar Province

Dr. Stephen Sossaman

Page 51



Maj. Edward L. Bryan

Page 52


Days of the Week are Dead to Me

Capt. Thomas J. Carnes III

Page 53


Restive Reminiscence

Sgt. Trent Schmidt

Page 54



Sgt. Trent Schmidt

Page 55


Praying for the Scars to Come

Maj. Todd Schmidt

Page 58


Influence—Helmand Province—2012

Capt. Chad Lewis

Page 60


Ode to Honor

Capt. Joe Miller

Page 61



Maj. Dustin E. Lawrence

Page 62



Staff Sgt. Ashley Garza

Page 63


A Soldier Hits the Dirt

Master Sgt. Timothy R. Ryan

Page 66


The Talib

Capt. Chad Lewis

Page 67


The Citadel

Maj. Wes Moerbe

Page 68


A Father’s Packing List

Maj. Tom Anderson

Page 69



Lt. Col. (Ret.) Harry F. Buggins

Page 70


Our wrath remains

Lt. Col. David S. Eaton

Page 71



Maj. L. Burton Brender

Page 73


Poem of a Soldier

2nd Lt. George Bruner

Page 74


Field Stripping the M4 Rifle

Maj. L. Burton Brender

Page 75


The Men Who Have No Name

Staff Sgt. Christopher M. Rance

Page 77


Have I Ever Been to War?

Lt. Col. Ryan “Rhino” Hill

Page 78



Lt. Col. Kevin M. James

Page 79


Standing Fast

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Todd Kenneth Hulsey

Page 80


Peace in Iraq

Maj. Gen. Walter Piatt

Page 81


Leaving Afghanistan–2021

Maj. Paul Faust

Page 82


U.S. special operations service members

An After-war Poem

Lt. Col. William Adler

Page 84


The Curse

Maj. Marshall McGurk

Page 85


Dress Code

Kelly Hedglin Bowen

Page 86


So I was a Coffin

Gerado “Tony” Mena

Page 87


Scattered Soldiers

Col. (Ret.) Dwayne Wagner

Page 88


Part 3: Research


Introducing “Arts and Letters, War and Peace”—2023

Page 89


Arts and Letters, War and Peace: What Painters and Poets Can Teach Us About International Politics

Robert E. Williams Jr., PhD

Page 90


Photo Sources

Page 105


Medal of Honor

Maj. John J. Duffy

Page 111



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