Global War on Terrorism, 2001–2021

9/11 Attack on the Pentagon


The Pentagon Police had risked their lives to save others
Entering the Pentagon in search for bodies, one after another
Some officers were denied entry by the heat from the jet fuel
One officer had reached the point of using his voice as a tool
Officers were dedicated to maintaining their post under control
There were officers helping the injured victims while on patrol
The fire was spreading within that section by the minute
The Pentagon Police officers did their best to help defend it
There were a few police officers that stared death in the face
They were struggling against time, without a second to waste
There were police officers escorting the fire and rescue team
Lives were definitely at risk during the evacuation from the scene
The police officers that were off, arrived without any delay
Pentagon Police officers have more pride than words can say
The Pentagon Police officers created a new meaning for brave
They didn’t ask for anything in return, for the lives they help save
The Pentagon Police are mixed with different cultures and race
They work together as a family with the threats they may face
The police officers risked their lives and worked extremely hard
They deserve a lot of respect for doing a great job

—Charles E. Cooke
Pentagon Policeman/former Infantryman


Poem by David Vergun, in “Soldier for Life: Former Soldier Inspires Others through Poetry,”,


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March 2023