War Poetry Submission Guide

Every conflict in which the U.S. has been involved has generated a body of writing that seeks to express the deep human emotional responses to the tension, tragedy, sacrifice, suffering, and exultation that armed conflict elicits. The current conflict will be no exception. Such writing often takes the form of poetry or fiction. To support in a small way a record of such expression, Military Review allots space for short poems, and also uses poetry as filler material as space permits. All service members, foreign military members, government employees, contractors, scholars, and journalists are welcome to submit their poetry for consideration.

Poems submitted to Military Review should generally not exceed 30 lines. A short biography of the writer and description of his involvement in international conflict should accompany all submissions. It should be noted that Military Review will handle poems submitted in the same way it handles book reviews: there are no guarantees of publication or notifications whether the material will be used at all. Therefore, unlike regular manuscripts, Military Review does not assert a first right of refusal before the author submits his poetry to other publications for consideration.

Poetry should be submitted via email to usarmy.leavenworth.tradoc.mbx.armyu-aup-military-review-public@army.mil.

The document should be saved in Microsoft Word or some compatible file format.