Dogs and Soldiers


Dogs and soldiers keep off the grass!
So the hoary motto is passed
From generation to generation,
Of the enlightened class;

About my brothers, some in the present,
And some in the past.

Baby killer, knave, drunkard, coward!
We don’t need any military power!
So the enlightened ones shout and glower.

Make love not war!
The only thing that makes us sore,
Are soldiers and sailors defending our shore!

Peace at any price! they happily rant.
Freedom, oh Freedom! They cheerfully chant.

They don’t know freedom isn’t free.
And the cost of that freedom is a very high fee.

Too high to be paid by their peace loving souls,
They call on soldiers to pay the whole toll.

Men of honor and integrity still pay the blood fee,
Through service and sacrifice keeping us free.

So chant the chants and rant the rants!
But don’t try and kick me in the pants!
Dogs and soldiers keep off the grass?
They can just kiss my “G.I.” brass.

—Master Sgt. (Ret.) Chuck Doig
September 2006


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