Peace in Iraq


Iraq now asks
What now
Is possible
When brave warriors
Are not enough
When victory
Is not enough
We admire
The sacrifice
Of the martyrs
Yet we build nothing
From their deeds
Wars do not end
In peace
And words alone
Will not heal
The suffering
We need now
The strength
Of the warrior
To win the peace
Many have
Fought so hard for
Before those
Who did not fight
Did not suffer
Did not bleed
Set again
Another course
Toward the next war
Leaving the people
Where is the peace
And calling
For the return
Of the warrior
In this city
Of peace
There is seen
Only blood
When will
Baghdad return
To govern its people.
Who so deserve
Her peace

—Maj. Gen. Walter Piatt
Iraq, August 2018



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March 2023