Our wrath remains


To all who read these presents, Greetings:

When you see the headlines, the commentaries, the talk shows. the social
media bloviating, and hear the wonks and pundits of all shapes and sizes
wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth over the proposed personnel
and budgetary cuts to the United States military,

Be you Friend or Foe ...

- If you think America is weaker,
Then ask an Air Force B2 Pilot

- If you think America can’t get there,
Then ask a Navy Aircraft Carrier Commander

- If you think America won’t have enough people to get the job done,
Then ask a Marine

- If you think America has lost its ability to fight anywhere, anytime against any
enemy in 24 hours or less
Then ask a Ranger

- If you think the tip of the American spear has been blunted and you believe
there is truth to the end of American Military dominance

We can assure you, though we are few, it is not,

We are the perennial Tom Joad and our wrath remains.

Both living and dead
Soldier or Sailor
Airman or Marine
Uniformed or Civilian
General or Private

Just look and you’ll see;
We’ll be there-

—Lt. Col. David S. Eaton, U.S. Army
November 2015


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