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Unit Training Management Handbook Gets Update

David Vergun
Army News Service

January 10, 2014

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The new edition of The Leader’s Guide to Unit Training Management (UTM) is available on the Army Training Network ATN is the one-stop shop for training products and resources. It is managed by the Army’s Training Management Directorate (TMD).

As part of an effort directed by the Chief of Staff of the Army, TMD last year sent teams to operational posts to explain Unit Training Management (UTM) processes and to re-energize trainers’ understanding of basic training doctrine and supporting resources.

One team member, Training Analyst Bill Brosnan, said feedback from operational Army units was instrumental in helping TMD produce the new, downloadable guide with:

  • Significantly more how-to details about training units and Soldiers.
  • Updated, expanded and refined supporting tutorials and training examples available on its companion UTM web page (also on ATN).
  • Concepts and processes that come from ADP 7-0 and ADRP 7-0.

“UTM provides the how-to details for the Army’s training doctrine as well as expanding these details with downloadable tutorials. Examples of training management products can be downloaded as well, and these provide leaders and training managers an understanding of what right looks like,” he said.

The handbook provides links to the Digital Training Management System (DTMS) that allows commanders to track the training performance of units and individual Soldiers. It also has links to the Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations database, along with videos about After-Action Reviews and other fundamental training management topics.

These resources are increasingly important as officers, commanders and NCOs focus on training units and developing leaders in a home station environment.

TMD is a subordinate organization of the Combined Arms Center-Training. CAC-T manages training support and training development, and provides unit training and leader development programs and products to support Army readiness. Both organizations are at Fort Leavenworth.

CAC-T’s web site is Follow CAC-T on Facebook at: and on Twitter at @usacactraining.


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