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NCO Journal December 2021 Articles

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Rethinking Counterinsurgency: Part 2

By Chief Warrant Officer Lawrence Schnurr

In continuing our series on rethinking counterinsurgency (COIN) operations and strategies, this article examines shaping operations, small unit actions, building host nation capabilities, and preparing the noncommissioned officer (NCO) Corps for future COIN scenarios. Success in these operations relies on small unit actions led by a competent, educated, and lethal NCO Corps.

Article published on: December 20, 2021

Rethinking Counterinsurgency: Part 1

By Chief Warrant Officer Lawrence Schnurr

The threat of near-peer rivals is relevant and shouldn’t be underestimated, but neither should COIN operations and warfare, which have been consistently present throughout U.S. history. With the rise of four current megatrends (growing populations, urbanization, coastal settlement, and connectedness) the future of warfare will most likely be irregular and located in overpopulated megacities.

Article published on: December 10, 2021