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2017 SMA Conference Notes

NCO Journal Report

June 30, 2017

Army Game

BN/BDE PCC course: the CSA/SMA require that you attend this course prior to the CoC/CoR. Deferments till after you are in position will be approved by the first GO in the COC. The Army is getting very serious about the PCC.


Manning the Force: we are struggling to meeting the new Army manning requirements. Acquiring new Soldiers and keeping Soldiers in the military is a continuing struggle. We need to push re-enlistment and promoting Soldiers who are eligible to SGT/SSG. We are doing very good in both areas as far as TF Bayonet is concerned, let's just keep pushing.


Readiness: it's our primary focus. The Army is going to implement a rule that equates readiness to tuition assistance. If you are not fit to fight then tuition assistance will be unavailable. I think that your deployable status will equate to you the availability to the additional benefits Soldiers are entitled. If you are not ready for the Army then they will withhold some specific entitlements. Deploying is in our job description, Soldiers need to saddle up.


Fitness: 7-22 is going to transition more toward combat movements and readiness. Still in the process but we will transition to a physical readiness program to train as you fight. this will reduce injuries in initial training and make us better Soldiers. Be prepared to validate your ability to justify your MOS qualification. E-7 through E-9 will be asked to set the example.

First. We should set the standard for our Soldiers and if an individual cannot..... his/her future might be in jeopardy.

Expert Action Badge: It is a Warrior skills badge that we ( I Corps) ran a pilot on a couple of months ago. Might be in our near future, might require a re-certification to maintain the badge. There was a lot of controversy in that conversation dealing with how often and the cadre required for that. I think it should be permanent due to the testing requirements, much like EIB/EFMB, but that is just me.


ITCOP: a new website that lets you know what schools are open and where.

The Total Army schools system allows us to attend AC and RC schools. We have to get our schools NCO access to these systems to we can ensure our Soldiers are going to school at the right time.


SSD changes: SSD is going to become more difficult. This all goes into our accreditation of our NCOES/NCOPDS. The computer people will make it to where you can't google search as the questions will change on the screen after a certain amount of time and taking the test locks your browser. A lot more to discuss in our next meeting.


NCOPDS: Active duty PME courses will end up going to 6 days a week in the near future. This will allow Soldiers from ALL components (AC/AR/NG) to attend every school available within the system. One Army, One schools system.


Promotion boards: almost everything is going to be unmasked on the board files. 1059s, NCOERs, deployable status are things that we talked about. We talked about how long NCO should be allowed to serve. If you are a SGM that is promoted at 20 years TIS and you never serve higher than a BN level, should you be allowed to serve to the 30 years mark if you have no potential for

advancement? At some point, we must move over for the next person to excel. I think all SGM/CSM positions will be slated in the future. All E-9 positions will have a PCORD/ETS date. If your potential is limited, you will be forced into retirement.

Frocking: coming out of the academy is going to end. You will only be frocked if you are slotted in a SGM position.


The next SFC board is going to publish unprecedented promotions (around 40% selection rates).


Change of Responsibility Ceremonies: NO MORE SWORDs or SABERS! This is directly from the SMA. When doing these ceremonies, you WILL use the Colors, nothing else.


Transition: My Army Benefits web site has some great tools!! I recommend that you look at this web-site. (standard Retirement, disability and blended retirement calculators); all with your information on it, so a CAC is required.


Semi Centralized Promotions

  • Too many Soldiers being denied the opportunity to attend the promotion board

  • This reduces the requirement to fill to 100% strength, currently the SGT and SSG are about 92% fill across the Army. Shortages are approx. 4400 for SGTs and 1400 for SSG across the force.

  • Units holding Soldiers to a higher standard to attend board than the Army standard. This is a NoGo and is discouraged. 6900 Soldiers are currently tolal PME qualified but not in a (P) status. Units requiring 270 on PT test, NCO of month attendance, 3 month evaluations, etc. etc.

  • AA-294 is not getting to Bttn and to proper Promotion Authority, check and ensure that the Bttn is reviewing the promotion rosters for correct actions and follow through with counseling and non-recommends


    Centralized Promotions

  • DA PAM 600-25 being finalized (updated)

  • PT scores are unflagged



  • S.T.E.P. - Reduced backlog to PME and the fill rate has increased. No

    Show rate is still a problem Scheduling (TRADOC)

  • ALC 90-120 days prior to start date

  • SLC 30 days after release of board results. Soldiers will be bypassed for by-name selections if the Soldier has failed to complete required NCOES

  • Rescheduling - No Show, failing to meet course standards, disciplinary, or compassionate require GO signature/endorsement


  • MTT - avoid the temptation to bring an MTT for PME, it hurts the unit who has to provide the instructors and the Soldiers don't get the same quality of instruction.

  • Deferments have to go through GO, if a Soldiers hasn't been promoted in 24 months then they could lose their promotable status.


  • Deferments need to be coordinated through the S1 AND S3 for tracking purposes seats for PME are limited to promotion projections and not # of Soldiers boarded



SMMD (Sergeant Major Management Division)

l l l


SGM Branch CMD Management Branch Nom SGM Program Office


  • PDPC Codes - 6X (Post Bttn SGM) and 7X (Post Bde SGM) - Gone

    6K (Key Bttn), 6P (Post), 7K (Key Bde), 7P (Post Bde), 8A (Nom SGM) - Added

  • No more class frocking @ USASMA, only SGMs going into positions will be frocked, all others will be managed as E8 until a position is open and filled.

  • Moving to an up or out program, could potentially lead to Army asking / telling SGMs to retire

  • You can be on multiple slates but not competing slates, Example is a 4 Star fills first then to the 3 star if slated multiple times

  • Class 68 will all have PCORD dates! Soon all E9s will have a PCORD

  • Key billets removed from the CSL

  • PCC will be required BEFORE taking responsibility for a Bttn or Bde, CSMs

not fully qualified (C Code) until PCC is complete