Special Operation Forces in support of Large-Scale Combat Operations

Call for Papers

In the Spring of 2019, Army University Press will publish an anthology on the use of Special Operations in support of large-scale combat operations. Chapters will address Special Operations in support/shaping of division and above in operations since 1914. In addition to offering a general narrative, each chapter will discuss the objectives the Special Operations planners hoped to achieve, how they combined a variety of techniques to achieve those goals, coordination with conventional forces and the degree to which they succeeded.

We anticipate full chapters to range from 15 to 20 pages (approx. 3,500 – 7,000 words), including endnotes and images. Submissions should follow conventions of American English and Chicago Style Guidelines.

Chapter proposals/abstract due by 08 JUN 2018.

Completed chapters will be due by 22 AUG 2018.

Potential Topics Include:

  • T.E. Lawrence’s Asymmetric Campaign (Arab revolt against the Ottoman Turks) 1916 - 1918
  • The Spanish Legion, “the Tercios”, operations during the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939
  • Jedburgh Team’s Support to Resistance prior to Operation Overlord 1942-1944
  • Alamo Scouts Operations in the Pacific 1943-1945
  • 1st Special Service Force “The Devil’s Brigade” in Europe 1943-1945
  • Yugoslav Partisans against the Axis Powers (led by Tito) 1941-1945
  • Army Unit 8240 Deep Operations during the Korean War 1951-1953
  • Hmong Special Guerilla Units in South East Asia 1961-1975
  • Special Forces Operations in Desert Storm (Recon, Sabotage, Target Designation) 1991
  • Task Force Viking in Northern Iraq 2003
  • IDF Special Operations against Hezbollah Command and Control 2006

To propose a topic or request more information, please contact Army University Press.

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