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Maintaining the High Ground

The Profession and Ethic in Large-Scale Combat Operations

Call for Papers

In the Spring of 2020, Army University Press will publish vignettes and historical case studies regarding “Maintaining the High Ground: the Profession and Ethic in Large Scale Combat Operations.” Chapters will include personal vignettes of the application of one of the eight principles of the professional ethic, and case studies of units maintaining the ethical high ground and legitimacy during LSCO since 1914. Unit case studies should be against enemy forces in support of, or shaping for, division and above combat operations. In addition to offering a general narrative, each chapter will include a discussion within the context of current Multi-Domain Operations and the extended battlefield: Space, Land, Sea, Air, and Information. The volume will be organized with chapter vignettes of a principle followed by an appropriate historical case study chapter of their application.

Maintaining the high ground and legitimacy during LSCO, within Multi-Domain Operations, will present new challenges as the enemy attempts to undermine our nation and its military legitimacy. In addition to the historic challenges during land operations, adversaries will use space as a weapon and information platform, and use ubiquitous media platforms to disperse misinformation, propaganda, and malign narratives. This will enable adversaries to shape an Operational Environment to their advantage and foment dissension, unrest, violence, or at the very least, uncertainty.

We anticipate chapter vignettes to range from approx. 2,500 - 3,500 words, and chapter case studies to range from approx. 3,500 – 7,000 words), including endnotes and images. Submissions should follow conventions of American English and Chicago Style Guidelines.

Chapter proposals/abstracts due: 15 NOV 2019

Completed Chapters will be due by: 28 FEB 2020

Potential Perspectives/Topics Include:

  • Individual demonstrations of the professional ethical principles and/or significant moral courage
  • Why/how maintaining the ethical high ground had advantageous effects for US operations division and above (i.e., increased relative advantage)
  • Why/how ethical lapses had detrimental effects for US operations division and above (i.e., diminished relative advantage)
  • Implications of Enemy exploitation of Geneva Conventions, Law of Land Warfare, Rules of Engagement, World Court or United Nations as governing shields, on US Operations division and above

To propose a topic or request more information, please contact Army University Press.

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Project Timeline

30 SEP 19 - Call for Papers

15 NOV 19 - Abstract submission

15 DEC 19 - Authors selected/notified

28 FEB 20 - Final chapter submission

1 MAY 20 – Publication

Book Co-editors:

Dr. Keith R Beurskens, Army University and Dr. C. Anthony Pfaff, U.S. Army War College