December 2023 Articles

Assessing the Climate and Culture in Your Organization: A CSM’s Perspective

By CSM Jesse J. Clark

CSM Clark emphasizes the importance of creating a thriving environment for organizational success, driven by effective communication, discipline, good leadership, and trust.

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Notable Quote

“Trust is something that must be earned over time and is not automatic when new members show up to an organization; however, if a positive climate and culture already exist, it is easier to build trust.”

Task Organizing the Combined Arms Battalion for Success in Eastern Europe

By Lt. Col. Jay A. Ireland, U.S. Army,
Maj. Ryan C. Van Wie, U.S. Army

Based on their squadron’s experience during Operation Lock 23, LTC Ireland and MAJ Van Wie describe the Army’s combined arms gap and explore how the Army can move towards a similar task organization. They share insights on how to effectively navigate armored vehicles through the challenging terrain that is commonly encountered in parts of Europe. Their experience provides valuable lessons and recommendations on how the Army can better organize.

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Notable Quote

“The concentrated presence of U.S. and Finnish dismounts, firing ATGMs and supported by accurate and timely indirect fire, created multiple problems for enemy defending from battle positions. As the enemy attempted to reposition, these terrain and enemy-based triggers set conditions for a rapid and powerful armored assault.”

Good Leaders Ask Better Questions

By Ryan Cornell-d’Echert

MAJ Ryan Cornell-d’Echert, emphasizes the importance of effective communication from leaders to subordinates. Discover how to improve communication between leaders and team members by asking better questions. This article explores the importance of clear directions, critical thinking skills, and effective questioning to empower teams to solve problems independently. Say goodbye to frustration and wasted time and unlock the potential of your team with these expert communication tips.

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Notable Quote

“Once you have learned how to ask questions – relevant and appropriate and substantial questions – you have learned how to learn, and no one can keep you from learning whatever you want or need to know.”