February 2024 Articles

Communicate Your Staff Estimates in the Language of Risk

By Tom Gaines and Micah Stedman

This article presents a framework for military staff officers to effectively communicate risks to commanders by introducing an equation, Risk = Requirement - (Capability + Resources). This approach helps staff officers provide clear, actionable information to commanders, enabling informed decision-making in military operations. This article highlights the Strengthening the Profession of Arms focus area.

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Notable Quote

“As staff members, our job is to gain and maintain options for the commander to run the organization and accomplish the mission.”

Data Modernization for HR Professionals

By Maj. Brian T. Johnson and Maj. Jeffrey T. Wilson

This article highlights the importance of data literacy and analytics skills for HR professionals while emphasizing the need to be trained and proficient in data-centric decision-making and effectively utilize modern HR systems like IPPS-A. This article reinforces the Delivering Ready Combat Formations focus area.

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Notable Quote

“As the Army advances in the 21st century, the tools are expanding from Excel to IPPS-A and Power BI, so the HR professional workforce must also modernize.”