January 2024 Articles

Tanks Need Infantry to Lead Way

by 1LT Brandon Akuszewski and CPT Larry D. Tran

This article discusses the importance of infantry and tank integration/cohesion on the battlefield, presents lessons learned and developed SOPs from TF Mustang’s success at Operation Lock, and proposes potential capability gaps in FM 3-90.1 “Offense and Defense Volume 1.” This article highlights the Warfighting focus area.

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Notable Quote

“Armor is the combat arm of decision, but it still needs the infantry to set conditions and lead the way!”

My Time On Top

By Master Sgt. Roberto Castaneda Jr.
Provost Marshal Office NCO, 1st Armored Division

This article conveys the importance of committed leadership to foster a cohesive team from the perspective of a company 1SG. The author provides the reader with the tools he used to develop a foundation of trust built with a winning matters mentality constructed from the bottom up. This article sits firmly in the Strengthening the Profession of Arms focus area, specifically, in building cohesive teams.

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Notable Quote

“My advice for first sergeants, now and in the future: your Soldiers always come first, prepare for combat, and you’re not their friend, you’re their leader, and that’s the world’s most amazing and important responsibility.”

Training-Focus on Fundamentals

By By CPT Ty R. Dawson

"Training-Focus on Fundamentals” in Aviation Digest. This article describes the potential stressors of aviation maintenance during large-scale combat operations and presents possible solutions. This article nests itself within the Delivering Ready Combat Formations focus area.

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Notable Quote

“Striking a balance between training the organization and burning people out is paramount. Push too hard and resentment will fester, push too little and skills will atrophy, increasing risk.”