November 2023 Articles

Convergence and Emission Control: Tension and Reconciliation

By Maj. Matthew Tetreau, U.S. Army

MAJ Matthew Tetreau argues that the tension between convergence; requiring communication, and electromagnetic emission control; restricting communication, can be resolved by setting conditions ahead of time, and managing and masking emissions. This article was the 2023 Depuy Writing Contest winner.

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Notable Quote

“Achieving convergence and practicing prudent emissions management are not mutually exclusive but will challenge the force to adapt doctrinally, materially, and philosophically.”

Modernize Army Equipment, Training with Rapid Prototyping Technologies

Modernize Army Equipment, Training with Rapid Prototyping Technologies

By Staff Sgt. Marcel A. Blood

SSG Marcel Blood argues for 3D printing in sustainment operations at the lower echelons based on the 28th EOD’s effectiveness and calls for institutional training on additive manufacturing. Selected from submissions to the Army Sustainment University President’s Writing Competition, this article focuses on delivering ready combat formations and improving the industrial base.

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Notable Quote

“The end goal for modernization instruction at Army learning institutions should be that the most pertinent and current information about improving the Army is shared in an open-forum capacity.”

A Call to Action: Lessons from Ukraine for the Future Force

By LTC Katie Crombe, Dr. John Nagl

LTC Katie Crombe, an Army Strategist assigned to the Joint Staff and Dr. John Nagl, a professor at the US Army War College discuss how the Russia-Ukraine war shows the need to rapidly adapt doctrine, training, and capabilities for large-scale combat operations. The Army must embrace mission command, integrate artificial intelligence, withstand high casualties, employ multidomain operations, and leverage open-source intelligence.

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Notable Quote

“An American Army still grappling with the lessons from Afghanistan must embrace the Russo-Ukrainian conflict as an opportunity to drive progress toward the creation of a force and strategic direction as forward-thinking and formidable as the one TRADOC built for the United States ahead of Operation Desert Storm.”