Book Review Submission Guide

Military Review publishes book reviews by assignment only. If you would like to be considered as a potential reviewer, send a copy of your CV with a letter indicating your specific areas of interest to the editors at the address on page 11. Military Review publishes reviews of books provided by the publishers. The editors can normally offer no prior assurance as to whether or when a particular review will be published. The reviewer retains the book.

The book review’s purpose is to inform readers of the publication of a book of professional interest, to briefly tell what the book is about, and to provide a concise evaluation of the book by a qualified observer. The review should be from 450 to 500 words.

Reviews should answer the following questions:

  • What type of book is it (biography, anthology, history, monograph, etc.)?
  • What does the book say?
  • How authoritative is it?
  • What are its special attractions, deficits, or other features? If it has flaws, point them out candidly.
  • Is the book worthwhile and relevant to the security community? If not, say so.

Reviews should be written with spirit and verve--maybe even occasional wit. Do not bore the reader. If you decide the book is poorly written or you feel it has no application for Military Review’s audience, please email the features editor with your rationale.

Remember, an adverse review requires specifics. If you challenge the style, content, authority, or objectivity of a book, back it up with examples and facts. We insist on printing quality reviews, but this does not necessarily mean we print only laudatory ones. We have an obligation to warn readers about books that stir high expectations but promise more than they deliver.

The review should be typed, double-spaced (one side of sheet only), amply margined, and carefully edited. The review may be transmitted as an attachment to an email, or on a compact disc. Identify the operating system and the word processing program used. Do not submit original material by fax. Provide the review within 45-60 days of receiving the book.

The editors reserve the right to edit and abridge reviews.

In the review heading, include the title, author, number of pages, publisher, date, and price of the book. Also include your name and a brief credential or two establishing your authority to review the book.