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Korea: Twin Tunnels

Published on: June 7, 2019


Army University Press presents Korea: Twin Tunnels. This documentary addresses how the United States Army of 1950 fought in the Korean peninsula, while accentuating doctrine pertinent to today’s U.S. Army.

The end of the Second World War resulted in the dismantling of the Japanese Empire. As a territory of that empire, Korea witnessed the arrival of American and Soviet troops. The eventual deterioration of relations between the United States and the Soviet Union wrecked the planned emergence of a unified Korea. Instead, two separate nations emerged—placing the opposing governments on a trajectory towards conflict.

Following the North Korean invasion of South Korea, United States Army and United Nations forces helped the Republic of Korea fight for its existence. Under the U.S. Eighth Army, allied forces repulsed the North Korean invasion in June of 1950. After advancing deep into North Korea, the forces allied with South Korea withdrew in wake of Chinese intervention in late-1950. Under the command of General Matthew B. Ridgway, allied forces attempted to regain the offensive—resulting in the battle at the Twin Tunnels.

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