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The Big Picture: The Korean Ceasefire Talks Begin


111.TV.180 - This episode of The Big Picture, titled “The Korean Ceasefire Talks Begin,” focuses on developments regarding the Korean conflict between 20 June and 20 July 1951. The program follows truce negotiations in Kaesong, where UN representatives grapple with the presence of armed communist soldiers outside of diplomatic conference meetings, as well as severe restrictions on UN-associated press coverage. Eventually, the borders of a disarmed “neutral” zone are agreed upon around Kaesong, and UN correspondents are allowed to fully cover the negotiations. Additionally, in this episode, Captain Carl Zimmermann interviews Sergeant Jim Heidenreith, who discusses the role of combat engineers in Korea, and Lieutenant Robert Fallon, who delivers a speech on the importance, hardships, and humanity of the U.S. infantryman.

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