LTG (Ret) James M. Dubik


Supporting the Chief of Staff of the Army's initiative to reinvigorate professional military writing and scholarship, Army University Press (AUP), in partnership with the Association of the United States Army (AUSA), establishes a voluntary, gratuitous non-resident writing fellowship program to encourage scholarship, military professional writing, professional affiliation, and original research on topics that contribute to a community of military and national security professionals. The design of the program is also intended to support the President’s directives outlined in “Memorandum on Revitalizing America’s Foreign Policy and National Security Workforce, Institutions, and Partnerships,” February 4, 2021. AUP will be the executive agent and approval authority responsible for all aspects of the program


AUP is creating a named non-resident fellowship to honor the scholarship, writing, and contributions of LTG(Ret) James Dubik. General Dubik’s professional contributions to the military over the past several decades, on active duty, as well as in retirement, are exceptional and internationally recognized. He represents an ideal of a warrior-scholar that understands the importance of intellectual engagement in the community of military and national security professionals, as well as in civil-military relations. General Dubik will serve as the senior advisor to the fellowship program, and AUP will establish an online archive of his writing.


The goal of the voluntary, non-resident fellowship is improved scholarship and writing by authors contributing quality content to AUP, Branch Journals, and other publishing platforms. To help generate the quality of content needed, the non-resident fellowship program will provide Fellows peer-reviewed feedback on their scholarship and writing from members of their cohort and the professional editorial staff at AUP. The fellowship will be designed, administered, and promoted to ensure that it is sought after for a prestigious affiliation with Army University.


Voluntary, non-resident Fellows will be appointed for one academic year with the option of extension, based on the quality of an individual’s contributions. Fellows are expected to voluntarily contribute a minimum of one article, one book review, and/or other equivalent product contribution to AUP, Branch Journals, and other military platforms, as well as serve as peer reviewers for other Fellows. AUP may invite select Fellows to Fort Leavenworth to support specific events or activities, such as conferences, workshops, and other speaking engagements. Alternatively, Fellows may choose to submit articles and book reviews for publication in other professional journals or magazines, such Modern War Institute and ARMY Magazine, using the fellowship title in their biography.


Initially, AUP will seek 3-5 Fellows and 1-3 Senior Fellows annually for a maximum of 8 total. Fellows will be company and field-grade officers, NCOs, and civilians from across the services, allied/partner nations, Interagency, and academia. Senior Fellows will be senior field-grade or flag-level leaders, civilians, and nationally recognized scholars from academia. Senior and external scholars will be solicited to increase outreach, prestige of the program, and as a means of generating quality content beyond Army University or the Army.


A detailed Volunteer Agreement will be signed before beginning the appointment. Generally, AUP will coordinate and provide recognition to Fellows at the conclusion of their appointments. Fellows are encouraged to state their affiliation with AUP on bylines and CVs. AUP will also pay invitational travel costs for Fellows selected to travel to Fort Leavenworth in support of specific events or activities.

Legal Authority

Legal review of this program was conducted by LTC Alex Yuan and MAJ Brian Andes, Legal Advisors for Army University. These Legal Advisors find no legal objection to the non-resident fellowship, and approve of this arrangement. The program relies on the following codes: 10 USC 1588; 31 USC 1342; 10 USC 10212; OMB Publication of the Office of Federal Policy, Letter 11-01, Performance of Inherently Governmental and Critical Functions, dated 12 OCT 2011; GAO Comptroller General Opinion B-204326, dated 26 JUL 1982; and DODI 1100,21, Voluntary Services in the Department of Defense.

External Support

To increase incentive to participate in the fellowship program, AUP recommends consideration of affiliation and partnership with the Association of the United States Army (AUSA). If this affiliation and partnership is approved, AUSA may consider proffering a program of incentives that could include financial incentive in the form of an award system for exceptional writing; promotion of articles on AUSA platforms and social media; invitation to AUSA meetings and conferences; and sponsorship of presentations and/or panel discussions featuring exceptional scholarship by Fellows in the program.

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