Journal of Military Learning

Letter from the Editor

Col. Paul E. Berg, PhD, U.S. Army, Journal of Military Learning Editor

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Welcome to the third edition of the Journal of Military Learning. As the editor of JML, I am proud of the hard work that our authors, editors, and reviewers have completed to bring this issue to you. As Army University moves into fully functional, we continue to expand our writing as a peer-reviewed semiannual publication that supports efforts to improve education and training for the U.S. Army and overall profession of arms. JML is the Army University’s professional journal bringing current adult learning discussions, new adult education writing, and current educational research from the field for the development of our present and future leaders, current professional military education (PME) faculty, and all levels of Army staffs.

JML offers articles that have intellectual discussions regarding education, instructor and faculty development, and aligning our education with universities and colleges to help soldiers today and in the future. To assist in having better educated soldiers and leaders increases our Army’s force readiness and mission success. Increased rigor in all educational levels improves our training and educational outcomes. The process of learning and education complements our profession of arms.

The peer-reviewed articles in this edition include discussion of teaching the right education in our PME at the right time, lessons regarding veterans’ student experiences in higher education, and effects of combat stress on adult learning. Our articles of interest include servant leadership in the classroom, fostering instructor competencies through faculty development, and a staff ride for the modern battlefield.

I will continue to always encourage educators, researchers, and military professionals, both uniformed and civilian, to submit articles to this journal. In regards to military learning, only through critical thinking and challenging our education paradigms can we as a learning organization fully examine and assess opportunities to improve military education and training for our profession of arms. A detailed call for papers and the submission guidelines can be found at

April 2018