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NCO Journal March 2017 Articles

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Small U.S. Army post in Korea trains Soldiers of two nations

By Jonathan (Jay) Koester, NCO Journal

Dobongsan Mountain towers above the northern Seoul, South Korea, suburb of Dobong-gu. Tucked away at the bottom of the mountain is Camp Jackson, a small Army post with a large mission.

Article published on: March 29, 2017


By Cameron Wesson, U.S. Army, Retired (1st SGT.), Special to the NCO Journal

In the fall of 1989 at Fort Campbell, Ky., I was a patrol leader returning from a night reconnaissance patrol when I went to the platoon command post to submit my patrol report. When I arrived, my platoon sergeant, Sgt. 1st Class Larry Johnson, was manning the radios, both the company network and the fires network, and was the only person awake at the position.

Article published on: March 24, 2017

Home Base mission: healing veterans’ invisible wounds of war

By Martha C. Koester, NCO Journal

Picture this: Soldiers are leaving the training firing range. The first sergeant announces, “I assume everybody cleaned their weapons, so just throw them in the rack and everyone can go home. No one is going to check your weapons because I assume everybody cleaned to standard.”

Article published on: March 23, 2017

Adaptive leaders, critical thinkers and the MCoE noncommissioned officers academy student leader development program

By Staff SGT. Jeffrey Burk, Special to the NCO Journal

The U.S. Army remains mired in a more than 15-year Global War on Terrorism. As such, it is a force filled with some of the most combat-experienced noncommissioned officers in the history of our military. After more than a decade of fighting a war on multiple fronts, through multiple operational and tactical environments, our maneuver noncommissioned officers have seen their tactical proficiency grow to unprecedented levels.

Article published on: March 21, 2017

Leadership is an investment be a mentor

By SGT MAJ Tom Clementson, U.S. Army Public Affairs

We have some fantastic supervisors within our military’s enlisted ranks. What we lack are quality mentors. What follows is not an argument on the difference between managers and leaders.

Article published on: March 10, 2017

Recommended reading for new advisors to senior leaders

James Shufelt and Al Bourque, U.S. Army War College

The following recommended reading list has been generated by the Senior Leader Seminar and Executive Leader Course faculty based on their research, course development and execution experience, student recommendations and other sources. The intent of this list is simple: to provide a self-study resource for advisors to senior leaders...

Article published on: March 1, 2017