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NCO Journal July 2018 Articles

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Combat Training Center: What it takes to arrive trained and prepared

By Brig. Gen. Richard K. Sele and Master Sgt. Kevin S. Williams
U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne)

This article offers recommendations to Army Reserve junior officers and noncommissioned officers in developing a coherent training strategy that prepares their units for decisive action combat operations. An integral component of a pre-deployment training strategy is the successful execution of a mission rehearsal exercise at a Combat Training Center.

Article published on: July 24, 2018

The importance of spies to Washington’s success

By Master Sgt. Quinnus G. Caldwell
Sergeants Major Course, Class 67

Spy networks were critical to Washington's success in the Revolutionary War. Even though America could have gained independence without espionage, Washington's use of spies provided the information and intelligence necessary for success during the American Revolutionary War.

Article published on: July 9, 2018

Heroic Traitor: The case for a new chapter in the Benedict Arnold story

By Master Sgt. Michelle M. Johnson
Sergeants Major Course, Class 67

For years, authors have artfully sketched Arnold as Lucifer in the play about America’s birth. They paint a picture so clouded not even modern-day historians can remove the grime long enough to notice a string of convenient coincidences.

Article published on: July 6, 2018

Gender integration into combat arms

By Master Sgt. Jesus Robles
Army ROTC, The City University of New York

As with every challenge the Armed Forces have overcome in the past, phasing gender integration into the Army will take time. However, a sincere, professional, and conscious effort must be made to change the culture, and it starts with us, the leadership.

Article published on: July 2, 2018