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NCO Journal September 2019 Articles

The official magazine of noncommissioned officer professional development

Preparing the Millennial Generation for Leadership

By Master Sgt. Christopher A. Miller

The desired end state is for millennial leaders to not only understand the generational similarities and differences of their junior or future enlisted Soldiers, but also use them to their advantage to ensure organizational success

Article published on: September 27, 2019

The Value of Resilience

By Sgt. Maj. Michael A. Waskewich Jr.

Today’s Army is better equipped, and has more physical and mental tools than any generation before it.

Article published on: September 20, 2019

The NCO's Role in Suicide Prevention

By Sgt. Maj. Jason L. Barton

To overcome the shame associated with mental health, especially suicide, three leadership initiatives can be utilized. We can make sure we are available, accessible, and approachable.

Article published on: September 13, 2019

Six Pillars of a Successful NCO

By John L. Hewitt III

Today I will deliver a little message I call Be (6). It’s six things I want to impart to you before I leave.

Article published on: September 6, 2019