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NCO Journal August 2021 Articles

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The Downfall of Germany in WWI: The Failure of Schlieffen’s Design

By Sgt. Maj. Robert J. Garvey

Schlieffen’s plan was near-perfect on paper and was based on a previously successful historical military campaign. But without a high level of operational art behind it, and when implemented poorly, even the best plans are likely to fail.

Article published August 30, 2021.

The Board: How to Survive the “Hot Seat”

By Staff Sgt. Denver G. Smith

The promotion board process can be one of the most stressful tasks Soldiers undergo during their military service. By understanding what the board is evaluating, and with some basic preparation, Soldiers can shine during one of the most important events of their career.

Article published August 25, 2021.

The Look of Leadership

By Sgt. Maj. Kyle Matus

The first sergeant’s message was clear: Care about your Soldiers. Authentic leadership is genuine, humble, and builds long-term trust.

Article published August 20, 2021.

Command Team

By 1st Sgt. Gerald J. Schleining Jr.

While the job of a platoon sergeant is extremely challenging and rewarding, the company-level relationships are far more formal and require mature leadership and an understanding of the full scope of responsibilities and duties of that leadership.

Article originally published in the Fall 2001 issue