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NCO Journal June 2022 Articles

The official magazine of noncommissioned officer professional development

Don’t ST*U

By Maj. L. Burton Brender

Authoritarianism is a leadership style of obedience and the downplaying of dissent. I argue this is a deeply undesirable leadership structure. Not only is it demeaning to most of the people in the organization, it is short-sighted and counterproductive, discouraging everyone but the top leadership’s genuine commitment to the organization.

Article published on: June 27, 2022

PTSD and the Student Veteran

By Sgt. Maj. David C. Cox

PTSD is not just relegated to combat veterans. It affects anyone who has survived or witnessed something traumatic. Distance education can be a great resource to help those affected control their environment, provide a safe and self-directed structure and allow them to continue their educational goals as they navigate their future.

Article published on: June 13, 2022