March 2024 Articles

Blood Types and Titers: Saving Lives on the Battlefield with Blood Far Forward

By Lt. Col. D. Max Ferguson, U.S. Army

This article emphasizes the critical importance of blood transfusions within thirty-six minutes for casualty survival and the need for walking blood banks in LSCO. Focus area: Warfighting.

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Notable Quote

“Blood and war are inextricably linked. The military has learned and relearned this lesson in every war over the past century. Combat casualty survival on the battlefield depends on a well-resourced and well-trained blood capability.”

The Four Pillars of Tactical Innovation: A Path For Impactful Disruption

By Robert Leach

This article by a retired master sergeant discusses the necessity for bottom-up innovation and outlines principles leaders can follow to facilitate. Focus Area: Continuous Transformation.

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Notable Quote

“The path to military innovation lies in these four pillars: ground-up ideation, rapid prototyping, creative applications of tactics, and the integration and development of novel concepts.”

Take the Training Wheels Off Your CPX: The Benefits of a Free-Thinking, Free-to-Win, and Equal-Sized OPFOR

By MAJ Tom Haydock

This article proposes a new model for Command Post Exercises focusing on how the OPFOR operates. Focus area: Warfighting.

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Notable Quote

“A CPX is an opportunity to train staffs to master chaos and outthink an opponent, not just a training block to check off. To reach the potential, CPXs need an OPFOR that is free thinking, free to win, and has a command structure.”


Tools for Strengthening the Profession

Drink, Think, Link: Guiding Online Mentorship

By Lt. Col. Erik Davis, U.S. Army
Lt. Col. Nicholas Frazier, U.S. Army

Mentorship is one of the most impactful things you will do in your career. This article describes how to cultivate online mentorship communities based on years of experience.

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Notable Quote

“Mentors cannot adopt a pedantic, over-bearing approach to dispensing guidance. The communication must take the form of a conversation, one in which listening is just as important as talking.”