October 2023 Articles

MP = Multipurpose

By Sergeant Matthew P. Ahern Sergeant Stephen C. Prochniak

Two sergeants describe a vision for the National Guard military police platoon in 2040, augmented by robot dogs and rapidly transitioning between tasks.

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Notable Quote

“Known as “The Dog” by its 3d Platoon handlers, the robot trots along next to the patrol...accurately translat[ing] the messages from the patrol to the local language.”

Parameters Article

Initial Thoughts on the Aviation Implications to Field Manual 3-0

By LTC Julie A. MacKnyght

The Aviation Center of Excellence's doctrine director breaks down FM3-0's warfighting implications for the aviation community.

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Notable Quote

“For timepressed aviators who don’t have the white space to catch up on a 280-page document, what’s the so-what for Army Aviation?”

Take Ownership of Your Formation’s Data Literacy

By Capt. Orlando Nieves III, U.S. Army 1st Lt. John Boyer, U.S. Army Sgt. Feihrren Calhoun, U.S. Army

A team of junior officers and a non-commissioned officer argue that each unit should take charge of their data literacy efforts based on their unique mission requirements.

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Notable Quote

“Data will bring clarity to the fog of war—if it is collected and handled properly.”