LTG (Ret) James M. Dubik


In support of the Chief of Staff of the Army’s (CSA) efforts to revitalize and reinvigorate professional writing in the military, Army University Press (AUP) establishes a voluntary, non-resident writing fellowship program to encourage military professional writing and discourse on topics that contribute to a community of military and national security professionals.


The fellowship is named to honor the scholarship, writing, and professional contributions of LTG (Ret) James M. Dubik. General Dubik’s professional contributions to the military over the past several decades, on active duty, as well as in retirement, are exceptional and internationally recognized. He represents an ideal of a warrior-scholar that understands the importance of intellectual engagement in the community of military and national security professionals.


The objective of the fellowship is to help achieve improved scholarship and writing by authors contributing quality content to AUP, Branch Journals, and other publishing platforms on important national security and defense topics.


Fellows will be appointed for one academic year with the option of extension, based on the quality of an individual’s contributions. Fellows are expected to contribute a minimum of one article, one book review, and/or other equivalent product contribution to AUP, Branch Journals, and other military and professional platforms, as well as serve as peer reviewers for other Fellows.


Fellows may be company and field-grade officers, NCOs, and civilians from across the services, allied/partner nations, the interagency, and academia. Senior Fellows may be senior field-grade or flag-level leaders, civilians, and nationally recognized scholars from academia. Senior advisors to the program will assist the Director, AUP, in the administration of the program.


A detailed Volunteer Agreement will be signed before beginning the appointment. Generally, AUP will coordinate and provide recognition to Fellows at the conclusion of their appointments. Fellows are encouraged to state their affiliation with AUP on bylines and CVs.


Contact us for more details and to apply at

The window for applying for the Dubik Fellowship in Academic Year 2025-2026 will open on 1 January 2025. All application materials are due to AUP on 3 February 2025. Notification of selection will be on 28 February 2025.


LT. GEN. James M. Dubik

LT. GEN. James M. Dubik

U.S. Army Retired

Heidi Urben Ph.D.

Heidi Urben Ph.D.

Senior Advisor to the Dubik Fellowship Program
Professor of the Practice and Director of
External Education and Outreach