Extract from Rear Admiral Luo Yuan’s Speech at the 2018 Military Industry Ranking Awards Ceremony and Innovation Summit

25 December 2018


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I personally think that we cannot just overtake [the United States] in a straight line, but also overtaking in a curve. We will develop whatever our opponent is afraid of. The United States has eleven aircraft carriers. Do we have to develop twelve aircraft carriers to compete with the United States? I think this line of thinking is wrong, and we cannot engage in an arms race. Historical experience tells us that the United States is most afraid of death. We now have Dongfeng 21D and Dongfeng 26 missiles. This is an aircraft carrier killer. We can sink an aircraft carrier and let it suffer casualties, 5,000 people; two ships sunk, and 10,000 casualties. Do you think the United States is afraid? Therefore, our chief military engineer should also consider developing from the weak underbelly of the United States.

To view the complete transcript of the speech, visit https://www.kunlunce.com/ssjj/guojipinglun/2018-12-25/130147.html.

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